Welcome to my site!

Hello and welcome! Thank you your interest in my work! Feel free to browse the page by clicking the different areas above in the toolbar.

If you don’t make it to my “about me” page, here is some quick information.

I am easily reach via text. Just shoot me one at 973.370.0494 and I will respond. My instagram page is /aljmua.

If text isn’t something you are into, email me at AlexandriaLuz@gmail.com

I do not have travel fees, minimums or hidden costs. My pricing is fixed and does not vary if you are interested in airbrush or not. Lashes are also included in the price ๐Ÿ˜‰ Large wedding parties are offered a discount and the bride does not pay more than the bridesmaids. Everything is one flat fee.

Hope this helped!