Welcome to our site!

Hello and welcome! Thank you your interest in my studio! Feel free to browse the page by clicking the different areas above in the toolbar. If you don’t make it to my “about me” page, here is some quick information.

We offer a luxury in-home makeup experience for people who enjoy a pampering application and individually curated makeup looks.

When you book our mobile makeup studio for your wedding, the whole day is yours. Over the years, we’ve realized things happen and timelines change. You can count on us being flexible to make your day run smooth.

Update 5/30/23 – Just a few dates left this summer. I will be on maternity leave at the end of September so please inquire sooner rather than later.

Update 1/6/23 – 2023 is starting off strong! We already have most Saturdays booked for June and July. Reach out asap for a quote if you’re having a Saturday summer wedding this year.

I am easily reachable via text. Just shoot me one at 845.863.7206 for a quote. 😊 If text isn’t something you are into, email me at info@AlexandriaLuz.com

My instagram page is Instagram.com/Alj_MUA. Follow me there for up to date open appointments and closings. I also like to update my story feed often with behind the scenes shots, cool new makeup and sometimes live feed of my own makeup application for the day.

I do not have separate fees for weddings. My pricing is standard and doesn’t change depending on the event. The bride pays the same as the bridesmaids.

Hope this helped! Keep Scrolling down to see some of my more recent work.


Wow it’s been a while!

Hey there! Sorry for going MiA! It’s been a crazy year! With the craziness comes dropping the ball once in a while and unfortunately, this website doesn’t get as much traffic as my Yelp and Insta page so I haven’t been showing it that much love. 😞 But… I’m back! Here are some new images from a Brock Beauty campaign I worked on last year!


It’s tough seeing some of these beautiful images and knowing it’s totally unacceptable to post them! Lucky for me, there were just a few images that were appropriate to share. Look at this gorgeous future bride ❤️❤️❤️💍👌🏼🌹