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360.328.1076 (Office) (text capable)

845.863.7206 (Personal) (text capable)


Text me! All questions are welcome!



Welcome to my page!!

My name is Alexandria and I am excited to have you here! This site is dedicated to my career as a makeup artist.

You will notice that most of my pictures are going to be directly after application. It may not look as professional as some of the post-event pictures I receive from my clients, but I strongly believe that Photoshop can make anyone look amazing. It is my job to show you what my work actually looks like in-person as well as photographed.

About Me

I have been working special events for over 13 years now and specialize in bridal.

What is unique about my work stems from my education. By day, I work in personal care product development and have a degree in Chemistry. My background in science allows me to curate looks based of your skin concerns and needs.

Outside of my business, I am an avid knitter, love hiking and being outdoors as well as throwing on the potters wheel and sewing.

How to contact me

The best form of communication for me is text. I will literally get right back to you with pricing information or general questions that you may have. Email is second fastest. Feel free to utilize these two options at anytime.

Why choose us?

Outside of the 10+ years of experience on both the east and west coast, when you book your wedding with us, know that the day is yours. We have a firm policy of only one bride a day. This allows us to be flexible with last minute time changes, additions to the makeup list and the needs of your other vendors.

As of 2023, we stopped accepting tips. This studio wants to lead with the changes we want to see in the world and we believe tipping culture has gotten out of hand. Our pricing is all inclusive. There are no hidden up charges, tip expectations or inflated bridal pricing. The prices we set are standard for any look and for any person. We believe this makes us truly inclusive. So if you want a bold Smokey eye with glitter and gemstones or a very natural and understated look, the price will be the same. The only variation you will see in our price list is based on the number of people needing makeup. The bigger the party, the steeper the discount.


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